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Featured works 

Here is a collection of projects I have worked on as a Video Editor and Graphic Designer  for other organizations and events. As well as an article I was featured in.


Bold Journey Interview

I was interviewed about productivity, and motivation working in the creative field. All while prioritizing longevity and avoiding burnout.

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98.5 Kiss FM Web & Social

Since starting at Cookeville communications I contributed to all levels of Kiss FM digital media efforts. Including: taking headshots of their hosts, developing their local Photography Recourses, and developing their website. I also put my graphic design skills to work recreating their logo in a 10 foot wide format.

P.S. Always get the design file for your companies' logo.  It may cost extra but it will be worth it if you ever need it adapted to a different size or format.


94.7 Country Giant Web & Social

Since starting at Cookeville communications I contributed to all levels of Country Giant's digital media efforts. Including: taking headshots of their hosts, Taking photos at our in-house concerts to post on social media, developing their local Photography Recourses and developing their website

Canvas Rebel Interview

Canvas Rebel interviewed me over my creative journey in an article titled "Meet David Bernhardt." In this interview I talk about my first interests in creativity and how to best support artists!

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Nashville Voyager Interview

Nashville Voyager interviewed me about my artistic process and how I got into making art. In an article titled "Conversations with David Bernhardt"

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Hixlastic book fair

I sold posters at a book fair event at local brewery Hix Farm. Over the course of a month I made 3 posters to sell. In order to meet the deadline for this project I worked day, night and even in between tasks at work. Remoting into my computer at home in order to meet the deadline. 

Screenshot 2022-09-21 110843.png

Dean Payne's interview show. TTU College of Business

I did all of the heavy lifting for for Dean Payne's interview show. I wrote the script, created all the graphics for the youtube channel, recorded the footage, edited that footage, published the videos on youtube, and created all of the thumbnails.

When I recorded these videos the recording studio was in poor shape. The college of business couldn't track down a computer with Adobe Premiere on it for me to edit these videos on or figure out how to get me a headset in the booth so I could hear what who was talking during the interviews. Because of this I had to edit video on my own hardware remotely. And in order to change camera angles to whoever was speaking at the time I had to read their lips to see who was talking and when. I also had to wait for a thumbs up from Mr. Payne so I would know when to stop the recording. 

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